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-the timeless-piano-project-
Two extraordinary concert grands, one unique project: piano duo. Join us in this adventure...


Sometimes it is only in retrospect that one becomes aware of how everything began. Those brief, rare moments of pause and reflection when one searches for an explanation of one’s own amazement. And suddenly it becomes apparent that everything was meant to be, and that there are no coincidences just as there is nothing that is impossible…
piano duo: the timeless-piano-project


Read about current and timeless adventures of our two protagonists. Accompany us on our journeys up and down roads and staircases. Learn about the preliminary planning of a recording or a concert and witness the first encounters of our two heroes with famous artists. Travel with us across Europe and discover renowned concert halls and hidden places where you can still find tranquillity and peace. And if you like and enjoy travelling yourself, we might even meet in person. We would be delighted!


piano duo event highlights: A listing of all live concerts featuring our piano duo grand pianos. Perhaps piano duo will be playing near you soon?


piano duo forever: find all CD recordings performed on of our piano duo grand pianos. Complete with personal commentaries by the artists.


piano duo for everyone: artists’ comments and press coverage, interviews with project participants and the most exciting questions from our audience.


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The 5.1 Surround Sound of Schubert

"Three days in Toblach - The Sound of Schubert" is the title of our documentary film about the CD recording of Schubert...

DLW: Extended Beats

"We are delighted that the "Extended Beats" have been released by bastille musique, one of the most renowned labels for contemporary music!"

Thomas Larcher: The Living Mountain

„If anyone asks me what my music sounds like, I can pull this disc out of my pocket and say: „Like this“...[...]"


Heide Braun

OP. 353018

The older of our two piano duo protagonists is a particularly precious concert grand piano: it was built between 1954-1956 and left the Hamburg Steinway factory on September 24th 1956...

Sunjin Kim & Maria Grisebach

OP. 615313

The second principal performer of our piano duo project is 65 years younger than its experienced colleague, but no less fascinating and from the same dignified home...