-the timeless-piano-project-

Pierre-Laurent Aimard: Schubert: Ländler

"I think this is my most essential, most sincere CD, striving for simplicity. Such a fragile recording was only possible because of my absolute trust in the recording team, the place of recording, being surrounded by a most inspiring nature and an instrument that is everything: poet, singer and comforting friend."

DLW: Extended Beats

"We are delighted that the "Extended Beats" have been released by bastille musique, one of the most renowned labels for contemporary music! This CD/LP is another part of our processual work and offers a unique insight into the knowledge we have acquired in 2023. It is extremely heterogeneous in its composition of different sounds, constellations and structures."

Thomas Larcher: The Living Mountain

"Every composition project that I initiate and start is an attempt to get closer to other people, but also closer to myself. And I hope I have come closer to my idea of music than ever before. And if anyone asks me what my music sounds like, I can pull this disc out of my pocket and say: „Like this"....but actually I don't even have to say that about it..."

Tamara Stefanovich, Pierre-Laurent Aimard: Visions

"Since I was 15 years old, "Visions de l'Amen" has been one of the most touching art experiences in my life." (Pierre-Laurent Aimard) "If you want to change your life but don't have the opportunity to climb Mount Everest, you have to look for ecstasy around you. For us, "Visions" are a spiritual means of transport to get as close to light and hope as possible." (Tamara Stefanovich)

Fabian Müller plays Franz Schubert: “31”

“I’ve always been annoyed that Schubert’s last works are considered music that you can only play at the end of your life. They are pieces full of life, loneliness, but also exuberant happiness. This range of fresh, lively feelings I wanted to express in this recording.”

Fabian Müller: Passionato

“Recorded during the corona-lockdown, this program is one burst of pain and sorrow. At the core of every piece is an almost wild frenzy and an overjoyed release. Passionate and vibrant.”

Fabian Müller: Brahms Ballads, Piano Pieces and Intermezzi

“Brahms has always been one of my absolute favourite composers and therefore I wanted the recording of his music to be special. I really like the fact that there is no self-promotion or showmanship in his music, but instead every note is part of a very authentic, inner expression. I wanted this CD to reach the listener in a very personal way.”