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In July 2021, the first lessons in “modernity” were given for our “615313” in the context of the Styriarte. And presumably all efforts to particularly describe these Visions de l‘amen with words would fail due to the limitations of superlatives.

It was obvious that Pierre-Laurent Aimard, himself a student of Yvonne Loriod and a Messiaen confidant of the first degree, and Tamara Stefanovich, a former student of Aimard and long since one of the leading interpreters of 20th century music, were going to set a milestone with Olivier Messiaen’s “Visions de l’amen”.

However, the force and truthfulness of the musical creed with which the congenial duo thundered onto the stage of the Stefaniensaal in Graz left the audience overwhelmed. Amen.

Left the audience speechless and breathless: Tamara Stefanovich at Op. 615313 and Pierre-Laurent Aimard