The 5.1 Surround Sound of Schubert

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"Three days in Toblach - The Sound of Schubert" is the title of our documentary film about the CD recording of Schubert dances by Pierre-Laurent Aimard.

Matthias Wagner's fascinating documentary accompanies our "353018" on its journey to Toblach, where he experienced an exceptional time with Pierre-Laurent Aimard, recording supervisor Christoph Claßen, sound engineer Sebastian Nattkemper and Stefan Knüpfer. "It was a retreat with long days of intimate contemplation, surrounded by a sublime mountain landscape," says Matthias Wagner, describing his impressions of the filming.

Magnificent tonal effects and the breathtaking sound of the "353018": "Three days in Toblach"

These impressions had to be taken into account not only with great lighting and editing settings; it was also a very special challenge to perfectly reproduce the depth of every conversation, every sound, no matter how subtle, the great sound effects and, of course, the breathtaking sound of the "353018".

After Matthias Wagner had already edited the sound of the finished film (the so-called "sound design"), we were fortunately able to have Menura Film in Vienna do the sound mixing for the cinema.

The grand masters of perfect cinema sound: Manuel Grandpierre (centre), assisted by Max Liebich (front) and Matthias Wagner.

Manuel Grandpierre, a multiple nominee and winner of various awards in the categories of film sound mixing and sound design, further refined the sound of the music with the help of Matthias Wagner and Max Liebich and spent an entire week bringing the sound quality of the dialogue, sounds and effects up to top international standards.

The feeling of being directly involved in the recording of this extraordinary Schubert CD...

The aim was to reproduce the recorded sounds as naturally as possible. The audience should have the feeling of being directly involved in the recording and creation of this extraordinary Schubert CD.

...through cinema sound in another dimension.